Welcome to Stellenbosch Gymnastics

We want to provide and deliver the best possible coaching and physical education services, to protect and promote health and well-being; and as a result, enhance the quality of life.

Stellenbosch Gymnastics is a professional organization in gymnastics and physical education. The club's goal is to educate coaches, teachers, parents and children about the importance of being active and the roll of gymnastics as a sport and recreational activity in that process .

Fundamental outcomes of our training improves:

  • Spatial awareness;
  • Fine and gross motor skills;
  • Agility;
  • Coordination;
  • Physical fitness and
  • Deals with obesity


The 2018 competition year is finally over and we want to celebrate our successes in all levels up to High performance 3. Year by year we turn talent and hard work into great performances and we hope to keep building on our good reputation for developing young sportspeople.

Birthday parties: We present a facilitated two hour fun filled gymnastics birthday party at our venue. Contact Gerhard for more details.

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